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SUMO provides a shared vocabulary for young people and adults to talk about the decisions that they have made in the past and those they might make in the future.

Concepts such as ‘Remember The Beachball’ give a shared context for tricky conversations between professionals and students, and for conflict resolution between children and their peers, or with their parents.

With student wellbeing and mental health now high on the agendas of school leaders, OFSTED and politicians, now is the perfect time to find out how SUMO provides a framework for improving wellbeing and relationships right across your school community.


What children have said:

My SUMO Inner Coach is like the man on Mario Kart who holds up the sign saying ‘you’re going the wrong way!’

Year 5 pupil

SUMO has helped by teaching me to control my temper and calm down!

Year 5 pupil

The SUMO Lessons have really helped my way of learning and thinking, especially the ‘seven questions’. I use them whenever I come across a problem.

Year 6 student

What schools have said:

The principles within SUMO are readily understandable even by young children and easily adopted; encouraging open and genuinely assertive behaviour traits based on honesty and empathy.

Chair of Governors and parent

SUMO4 Schools Primary has had a profound impact on the wellbeing of the children and staff in my school.

Primary School Headteacher