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Kevin Pace

SUMO4Schools Foundation Director

At 18, Kevin was working in a factory and looking for a new direction in life, his promising professional football career all but over. Five years working in the voluntary sector followed, during which he studied law and provided advice, support and advocacy to people who were down on their luck. He moved into Trading Standards and developed a reputation as a consumer credit expert, providing talks and lectures to a range of national audiences, and in so doing discovered his passion for teaching. Kevin became a full-time lecturer in law and within 6 years had progressed to Director of Learning at a large FE college in the Black County. 

Kevin joined Wolverhampton local education authority in 2008, and over the next 10 years, headed up teams responsible for Gypsy and Traveller education, 14 – 19 education and careers progression, special school, exclusions and pupil referral units, and his during his last 4 years, secured £11m of funding to run a series of ground-breaking social, emotional and mental health programmes in schools and community organisations as part of a national programme. It was during the early days of this programme that he discovered SUMO and the work of Paul McGee and saw at first hand the remarkable impact SUMO can have on young lives. 

Kevin is passionate about what makes young people tick, and specifically, what prevents ever growing numbers of young people from ticking as they should. As a director of the Squirrel group and the director of the non-for-profit SUMO4Schools Foundation, operated in close partnership with Paul McGee, Kevin is now pursuing that passion with greater freedom and within a much wider landscape than has been possible before. 

Away from work, Kevin enjoys being a family man and a musician.