Primary Schools Pack

Primary Schools Pack


The original SUMO4Schools pack for primary schools from c. 2011

SUMO4Schools has been designed by education experts and life skills professionals to be innovative and accessible. The messages are practical and powerful - but at its heart SUMO is also serious fun. The SUMO materials are easy to grasp and can be used to create creative and practical lessons that will develop self-awareness and emotional literacy.

The SUMO4Schools Pack contains everything you need to get you started with an overview of SUMO and explains where it fits into the wider school curriculum. The pack includes material for interactive lessons built around the SUMO principles that children will quickly engage with and respond to. There's also a wealth of supporting material. With the SUMO4Schools Pack you can quickly and seamlessly start to build SUMO into your lessons - and you'll be amazed what a difference it will make.

The schools pack is available for £395 + VAT.

(For schools with 100 pupils or less the price of the pack is £250 + VAT. If this effects you please contact us)

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