the sumo story …

For over a decade, the SUMO principles have stood the test of time and continue to help thousands of people around the world to find the confidence and motivation to change.

Now it’s time for you to learn how Stop, Understand, Move On and meet your life’s challenges.

SUMO shows that by taking responsibility, you can fulfil your potential, seize opportunities, enjoy relationships, succeed in life and respond to challenging situations with a positive attitude.

The six principles of SUMO facilitate well-being, promote positive behaviour and develop creativity, thinking and learning skills in schools.

meet Paul mcgee, aka ‘the sumo guy’

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Paul McGee was born in Manchester and after an unsuccessful attempt at being a bank clerk, he studied behavioural psychology and trained as a Probation Officer. He also worked for Unilever and managed the economy beef burger production line for a while! A lengthy illness had a major impact on his career, and when he recovered he decided to form his own company when he found himself unemployable. Since then his ‘Mancunian Motivation’ has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world achieve better results in life and have more fun in the process.

Paul has written 11 books, published by Capstone. He is Capstone's bestselling author of all-time and his SUMO book is a Sunday Times bestseller. SUMO was re-published last year as a tenth anniversary edition with some additional content while continuing to be full of humour, insight, practical tips, and personal anecdotes. SUMO is a thought provoking and for many, life-changing read.

Paul is also one of the UK’s leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. He is in great demand at seminars, conferences and staff training sessions and has some of the world’s largest companies amongst his clients, including the NHS, Dyson and a Premier League football club. Paul has spoken in 41 countries and worked with the late Dr Stephen Covey. His work has been endorsed by the Elite Performance Director of the British Olympic Association, Sir Clive Woodward. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast radio and television, and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live.