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SUMO, which means 'I choose' in Latin, is a programme designed to empower children and teachers in an innovative and accessible way. SUMO4Schools has been put together by education experts and professionals to help children develop skills for life. Skills like dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale, improving motivation and coping with stress.

The resources address practical ways to keep young people healthy - emotionally, mentally and physically. The programme is delivered through readymade plans for memorable and meaningful lessons. SUMO4Schools is a fun, life-enabling programme which supports SEAL, PSHE, Citizenship and ECM.

SUMO4Schools resources and training are available for both Primary (Key stages 1 and 2) and Secondary Schools (Key stages 3,4 and 5).

Click the above links to read more about SUMO4Schools, see SUMO in action, hear what it can do for children and download free resources and materials.

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